Saturday, August 30, 2008


Why am I so fucking depressed. I hate this. It just feels like we keep pushing each other away. Why are we like this. I love Vince. I hate my life. Im so fucking pathetic.


I got fired on Tuesday evening. Not entirely my fault. Boss just didn't like me. I can't help that. I feel horrible though for it. If I have no income, I can't really pay rent or my bills or anything else. My mom said she'd help me out but I really don't want to rely on her. I want to start school and do like online courses or something before I go to CCSU. I'm not even sure what I'm going to be doing. Probably network stuff because thats what Im good at, but do I really want to do that for the rest of my life? I have no idea. I really hope I can get something with my mom with a loan so I can live here. I need a job still, but whatever I can get will help. I can't help but to think that I'm falling for Vince again. Not in the same way, but in a way that he makes me feel loved and that he'll be there for me, as I would be for him. I really could care less who he sleeps with or toys with or anything. Heck, some of them are pretty cute. I just want to be there for him. He truely makes me feel like I have a life worth living. He has his faults, like I do, like everyone does, but even through everything, I can't help but to love him. He's helped bring me into this world like never before. He did not give up on me. I don't know if he'll ever return the love I have for him. I don't know if his feelings as of late are real or not. I don't care. I still love him. I know that deep down I always will. I will always be there for him. I wish it was easier for both of us to live in this world. I want him to be entertained. I want to help him accept himself for who he is, and who he wants to be. Him talking about cross dressing has me interested as well as weird as it is to admit. I would be right there alongside him, making him feel better about it and that would make me feel better as well. I really should do this thing with him and Alan. God knows we need the money. I feel like if I just let go of my feelings I could take him. I am sorta jealous of Vince and his ability to make people just want to get him things and fawn over him. Thats not me though, and I know that. I want to be pretty and cute, yes, and I wouldn't mind being spoiled a bit. I just don't know if that's me though. It's so hard to even think about all this stuff at once. Who knows. It will all turn out in the end.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Ugh. I feel mentally drained. On top of the ever droning work drama, I have personal drama to deal with. I can't think straight anymore. It's affecting me in every way. My work is slipping, my thoughts are more random and babbled. I have Vince to worry about, what with his being sick and worrying if he's being safe or if he's sad or if he's anything. I can't stop worrying about him. I don't mind him leading people on, but it's the backlash he might get that worries me. I also know that he subconsciously gets attached to people. He might actually fall for Jonny, a random guy he met at AE. I wouldn't be surprised, I mean, he did it to me. A random guy he met on the internet. The first week after we talked we were falling for each other. I don't ever want to see him get hurt again. I don't want Jonny to experience the horrible things that happened to us. I don't want that to happen to Bjorn, or anyone. I'm also afraid that when Vince moves away, he won't be able to help himself with some things. He gets so discouraged with everything sometimes. He was so sad and angry when he was sick and he didn't think he'd be able to get better because he didn't have his I.D. I hope he really does keep in touch. I'm dreading the end of this lease. I really want to get out there and goto college and not worry about a job for a while, but I don't want to leave him out there alone if he can't take care of himself. I'm also worried that I may not even be ready to take care of MYself. He helps me so much mentally. He's helped my social anxiety, my random mood swings, pretty much everything. I feel a lot more calm than I ever did. I just don't know. I also feel sad but I'm trying not to show it. I just feel so listless lately. The only time I'm not is when I'm at a party or when Vince and I are having a good time at home. I wish he wouldn't be so ashamed of having people over when I'm home. I mean, I understand that with Jonny he wouldn't want me there or with his clients. I don't know. I know he actually isn't ashamed of me. He told me himself. I gotta trust him more often. I wish I could get out there and meet some people that I could hang out with too. I miss holding someone. I miss saying sweet nothings. My bed is so cold. I must not do a good job hiding how I feel. Sarah gave me a pamphlet to call the target life help line. I don't want to commit suicide. I just feel down. I wish I wasn't stuck on this road. I feel a lot older than I actually am. I should be sleeping right now. I don't know if I'd want to wake up tomorrow. God. I guess I'm a little jealous of Vince and his ability to just say "Fuck it all Im doing this." I'd be able to meet people then. I'd be able to live a life. I can't call what I have now a life. I've felt this way before. It's somewhat different now that I'm living with Vince. God I should be so fucking angry at him for what he did. I am I think deep down. I can't bring myself to be that way though. Thats why I'm not really trying to be too dominant when we have sex. I don't want to go overboard on him. It's so hard to tell when he's actually wanting me to stop because he's actually whimpering and crying out. If I ignore that and actually hurt him in a horrible way, how would that make me feel? There's so much I want to do to him. We are so limited by what we have here. We don't even have rope. How am I supposed to keep someone bound when all I have is a tie and a belt? He can make passionate sex too, which is easier on my psyche. I don't know anymore. I've gotta get some sleep. If I dwell anymore on these things I'll just end up staying awake. I think that this is why I have my blog. I can let out whatever here and it doesn't matter.

Monday, August 11, 2008


Sitting here a bit bored on a Monday night. Nothing really happening. I decided not to goto Natasha's so that Vince could have a better time just talking with the girls. Better that I don't go anyways, I shouldn't drink as much alcohol as I do around them. I think I found a good medium at that party on Friday. I'm finding that I'm becoming more tolerant of everything. I've decided to shut the sad out of my life and just be happy or at least indifferent. I won't lie, I still keep a lot bottled up inside, but its mostly because I don't fully understand my own feelings. Thats why I have this blog thing. I miss having someone to hold and cuddle with. I think what I really want in a relationship is just knowing that there will be someone there that I can goto and make feel better or just lay there and talk with, to say "I love you" once and a while. I don't know if I could do a non-open relationship. Sex really is meaningless. It's fun, but it's not love. It's sex. Sex with the same people all the time would get boring, especially for the rest of your life. I'd like to have a threesome or more someday. I don't know how many people out there share my views though. I feel like I've changed a lot as a person. Not just my clothes but my outlook on life and my general attitude. I think the make up and clothes help me trick myself into thinking I'm hiding behind something so I act out more. I'm trying to stick to my diet and I'm trying to help Vince stick to his too. I'm going to be more strict on both of us. I know this is important to him, and me as well. I want to look like how I want to look. It may be too radical of a look out here, but I don't care. I probably wont find anyone out here anyways. I just want to live, have fun, and hang out. I want to make friends. I want to spend time with the few friends I have. Hanging out with Vince lately has been some of the most fun and happy times I've had, like ever. I don't want to push him away though. I want him to still be independent. He is the best friend I've ever had. I don't want him to be scared of love either though. I'm trying not to be emotional around him. I'm flirty, but so is he. I like the fact that he is actually experiencing a lot of what he has lately. I know one day he'll find happiness. I want to help him find that. I owe him so much. I owe him my life. I'm trying to be a lot less selfish than I was before. He is the only thing that brightens up my otherwise dull day. I need to find other things for that though. I'll always be there for him, I promised that, but he may not always be there for me. I know we fight, but I'm trying to stop that. I'm gonna stop typing now. Tomorrow will hopefully be a better day. I know this weekend will be fun.

Friday, August 8, 2008


Just making a quick update before bed. Had a bunch of chips and a slice of pizza at Kate's party and wasn't too happy with myself for that. I'd been doing so good lately. My acne has been clearing up a ton. Other than that I had a ton of fun. Vince is really sick and I'm worried it's going to get as bad as it did before. I'm going to grab some more medicine for him tomorrow and hopefully that will help him. He looks like hes in a lot of pain. My grandma and grandpa gave me $200 out of the blue. Thats just mind blowing. They are incredible people. I want to get those ed hardy shoes or something like them with the purple skulls and lightning. I want to also get like a pair of pants and a shirt that aren't black. Other than that nothing much else happened today. Matt S (My lookalike) drove me home today and Ill probably go bar hopping with him next weekend. Not positive on that yet, but its a possibility. Maybe I can go with him one night and maybe Kate will have
another get together on another night on the weekend. I wouldn't be bored then at least. Going sleep now kbye.

Thursday, August 7, 2008


Today was pretty boring. I really can't find ANYTHING to do. I was so unmotivated to do anything today. I didn't even get to work out. I'm going to try and go with Vince to Kate's tomorrow evening but even if I don't, I don't think I care right now. I feel sick still and I think Vince is just getting sick of me. Either that or he's just infatuated with this Johnny guy. He seems enamored with the ability to just get someone's number. I guess he just couldn't believe it till he tried it. Everyone (including me) knew he could do that. I don't know why he didn't sooner.

I kinda want to go out with Cathy and Jen on this coming Tuesday if I feel better. I just feel better around them, even though I could actually get raped by Cathy. I love Vince and like being his best friend. I just don't think he likes me all that much sometimes. He doesn't turn me on sometimes either. I guess it's because I feel like a dom sometimes and I feel like a sub. Tonight was sub and I still tried but it just seems like neither of us get into it. Ah well. Tomorrow I start work again. I need the money but I also feel like I just want to stop. I just want to stop it all and just like.. quit. Just go on the road. Start walking and see where I end up. I wish I had the money to do something like that. I still am feeling pretty suicidal. It's not the best feeling. My clothing is helping me get out there to the world but I'm still so introverted that I don't think I'll even go out and meet anyone new. I like to be myself but myself is shy. I haven't even seen anyone around here I find attractive. I'd love to move back to Michigan where there's a ton of people I know and I could actually meet them. I'd love to move back and see my family and friends. I want to find something worth living for. I can't find it in myself. Ugh. I hope this is the medicine talking and not me but I doubt that. I like those steam showers that Vince started doing. They are very relaxing. I can think in there and just let things out. I realized I don't really want to live to 25. I don't know. I don't want to see myself get old. I don't want to experience the pain that my elders have gone through. I want to leave earth. I know that the person I want in this world probably doesn't exist and if they do, I'll never find them. I used to live for Vince and before that for my friends. I have no friends here. I want a purpose. I want fun. I just don't know what those are yet.