Friday, August 8, 2008


Just making a quick update before bed. Had a bunch of chips and a slice of pizza at Kate's party and wasn't too happy with myself for that. I'd been doing so good lately. My acne has been clearing up a ton. Other than that I had a ton of fun. Vince is really sick and I'm worried it's going to get as bad as it did before. I'm going to grab some more medicine for him tomorrow and hopefully that will help him. He looks like hes in a lot of pain. My grandma and grandpa gave me $200 out of the blue. Thats just mind blowing. They are incredible people. I want to get those ed hardy shoes or something like them with the purple skulls and lightning. I want to also get like a pair of pants and a shirt that aren't black. Other than that nothing much else happened today. Matt S (My lookalike) drove me home today and Ill probably go bar hopping with him next weekend. Not positive on that yet, but its a possibility. Maybe I can go with him one night and maybe Kate will have
another get together on another night on the weekend. I wouldn't be bored then at least. Going sleep now kbye.

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